Laser Removal

Tattoo style and quality has changed massively in the last 10-20 years, people grow and tastes change and sometimes we are left with the bad choices from our past.

Tattoo removal is an excellent way to either remove a tattoo fully or reduce it enough to not have to compromise on design for a cover up – most of the time a cover ups are done by hiding the old tattoo in a much larger darker tattoo. Read More…

Free of charge consultation and test-shots.

Prices range from £30.

Our Process

Through experience we find that anything over 8 years tends to remove a little easier than newer tattoos. As tattoos have become more popular, machines, ink and needles have all improved vastly in quality and now we are really good at getting them in the skin and looking brighter than ever.

Stick and poke tattoos tend to remove easily as well, dots on hands / arms tend to go within a couple of sessions.

Out of all the colours black removes the quickest, blues and greens take the longest but removal is possible.

You see adverts all the time saying that they offer full laser tattoo removal within 10 sessions, although this is possible it is not common place. There are many factors that come into removal – how deep the tattoos is, type of ink used even how your body deals with the removal process etc.

What we can say is that the first 5 sessions tend to reward the quickest results, after that there is less ink for the machine to pick up on and it is just a case of regular sessions until the tattoo has gone.

Laser tattoo removal is a painful process, not only having the procedure itself but for days after. Once a procedure has been done you will feel a warm burning sensation for around a couple of days (Ibuprofen will help) you will have scabs and blisters which must not be picked or popped.

Full after care will be given – the better you look after it the better the results will be.

You cannot soak the area in water (baths or swimming) or have sunbeds / direct sun light for 30 days before and after each session.

You can have one session in the same spot every 6 weeks.

Our machine is UK sourced and manufactured with high end components –Siemens, Samsung etc be wary of imported foreign machines as these don’t offer the same quality of removal.

Prices start from £30 a session and we require you to come for a free consultation which will include test shots on your tattoo – we have to do this by law.