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I’ve been tattooing since 2010 and have recently developed a lot as an artist. I spent years in education practising art and drawing and found my own style using traditional techniques and designs with a more illustrative twist.

My favourite kinds of tattoos are traditional American and Japanese styles with input and inspiration from flowers and plant life. My favourite subject matter in tattoos are wild life and people. I like to use organic shapes and balance in my designs to try and perfect my composition. I love doing colour work with bold outlines but I am just as comfortable with soft black and grey shades.

I don’t copy other peoples work and everything I do is custom designed



I have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember, so when the opportunity came up to begin my tattoo apprenticeship at Number Thirteen, working alongside Callum Banks, I knew this was my calling.

My preferred style is full colour neo-traditional nature-inspired pieces. I do all my own drawing; some of my paintings are available as prints or on t-shirts within the shop. I have been Tattooing full-time now since late 2016.

You can see my artwork on:

Instagram @evercold

 Facebook /evercoldtattooer



I have recently completed a degree in fine art and have always had a love for tattoos as an art-form. My husband is an accomplished tattoo artist and I now have the opportunity to work alongside him at Number Thirteen!

I have been tattooing full-time since Summer 2017 and I am currently trying my hand at various different styles; portraiture, neo-traditional, kawaii, dotwork and realism.

You can see my artwork on:

Instagram @Abbybankstattoo

Facebook /abigailbankstattoo

Flid Vicious


I have been in the tattoo industry since 2013 and worked in different shops up and down the country and internationally.

My preferred style is large heavy abstract black work and dark neotraditional but I can turn my hand to most styles.